Let food be your medicine book.

Look better, Feel better when you eat wholefoods.

I'm Stephanie Brening, a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner, and I offer advice, tips, resources, and more to help you heal and simplify the complex matter of implementing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a modern world.

Despite what you’ve heard, healthy living CAN be easy!

I was riddled with so-called "incurable" neurological and autoimmune conditions, which according to health professionals, should’ve meant a life filled with medications, expensive medical bills, and limited productivity. However, I stand here today energized, happy, and free from the unhealthy confinement I was in. Through proper nutrition by way of nourishing whole foods and the implementation of key lifestyle changes, I cured the incurable and set my sights on sharing what I learned with those around me.


After twelve years of apprenticeships, education, research, and nutritional training, I have handcrafted a bio-individual approach to create dietary solutions and healing for people from all walks of life.


I devoted myself to mastering this knowledge in order to help you and your family navigate the ever-winding  health and your families health.


Using the tools and knowledge I’ve gained, we can successfully help both you and your family navigate not only the health industry as a whole, but also your own personalized and unique wellness needs.


Yet, despite all of the information, tips, and tools I offer, the MOST POWERFUL tool available is YOU! I provide the foundation and will be there every step of the way to guide you, but it’s up to you to build the structure piece by piece.


Cooking “healthy food” definitely does not have to be complicated, tasteless, or expensive if you know how to do it! I can teach you the proper (and easiest) way to cook whole food that will elevate your taste buds and your overall health.

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SIMPLE answers to COMPLEX health questions!

What is a Wholefood Diet?

A wholefood diet is a nourishing and nutrient-dense diet that provides the vitamins and minerals our body needs to not only function, but to flourish. It’s a return to our humble beginnings as a species and is comprised of food that comes from the ocean, the ground, and the trees. Contrary to what you find in any grocery store at any time, this diet is devoid of chemicals, pesticides, processed materials, and synthetic ingredients. Many popular diets have emerged from the idea of a solely whole food approach. But know that one person's wholefood diet looks different than the next and collaborating on tips is beneficial but comparing is detrimental, so don't confine yourself to a popular diet.



Banana Macarons

Easy Broccoli

Sunflower Cups

Stephanie Brening,  Nutritional Therapist Practitioner

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