Stephanie is a Geopathic stress/ EMF/EF/RF Consultant.

(Electromagnetic Frequencies, Electric Feilds and Radio Frequencies)

A consultant comes to your home and accesses these levels in your home and helps you put in shielding solutions to help mitigate these stressors.

If you are interested in an assessment for your home and or would like to discuss further what this entails please contact Stephanie.

A little about Stephanie and EMF'S:

I am a GeoVital consultant and have been doing assessments for individuals and families to identify EMF, RF, and Geopathic stress in their homes (more importantly sleeping environments) and offices and providing shielding solutions to mitigate the effects these stressors have on our bodies. I was certified in Austria and don’t have enough room to share with you how much I learned about shielding and these stressors- please visit  Health Stronghold  (North Americans chapter of Geovital) or Geovital to learn more about EMF consultations. The reason I am now an EMF consultant is because my clients and myself included where reaching a plateau, and after much investigation and education I myself realized my healing and health has reached a plat tow because of this big elephant in the room that I could not see, EMF’s, RF’s, and Geopathic stress and it was something I needed to be trained in to identify and mitigate.

Even without a consult get started today and download my guide to DIY solutions to reducing your radiofrequency exposure (ie. EMF's) in daily life. 

To Learn more about Electromagnetic Frequencies, Electric Feilds and Radio Frequencies, and Geopathic Stress please read below.

All-Encompassing Health-An Article about how Shielding from EMF/RF/Electric Fields and Geopathic Stress can contribute to overall health and healing.


By *Stephanie Brening, MA, NTP, EMF/RF/Electric Field/Geopathic Stress consultant.


Modern life is fast-paced and flooded with technology at the workplace and social outlets. The ever-growing need for nutritional support in today’s modern world is more important than ever to heal and support your body on a day-to-day basis. Individuals can find themselves in states of disease and dysfunction, and the best way to heal ourselves is to use food as medicine. Food delivers and replenishes nutrients the body may be missing. Wholefoods and nutrients from food fuel our cells for proper maintenance so the body can work symbiotically to maintain and regain vitality.


But Nutrition and Holistic Health is not static. Food, lifestyle, and rebalance takes you far and protects your cells, but is it far enough?


Exposure from Magnetic Frequencies, Electric fields, Radio frequencies, and Geopathic Stress create healing barriers that can tamper with an individual’s complete healing. Exposure can affect every cell in your body, according to multiple studies and peer-reviewed documentation from the National Toxicology Program of the effects on cell and DNA damage.

These exposures are more commonly known from some of their sources: cell phone towers, smart meters, power lines, electricity (in and outside of the house), and the earth’s natural stress of: ground mixing, fault line, water veins, and grid lines

The best time for rest and recovery for our cells is sleep, when we flush out toxins, heal, and gain energy for the next day. But sleep can be impacted greatly by all of the above exposures.


Without true sleep, you will never truly heal, rebalance, and replenish. Whether you know it or not, you are more than likely affected by one of the disturbances above. Eliminating these disturbances can take your efforts of nutritional rebalance and support further.


True sleep is a bubble/a haven free from electric disturbances, magnetic fields, radio frequencies, and geopathic stress. True sleep can be achieved easier than you think with state-of-the-art testing equipment a qualified GeoVital – (EMF/EMR/Geopathic consultant) like myself can measure: Magnetic Fields, Electric Fields, Radio Frequencies, and Geopathic Stress in your current sleeping environment. From there, a consultant can truly recommend the best shielding material from all these “poisonous frequencies” to our body - from, fabrics, to paints, to mesh, to geopathic stress mats (assess and only get what you need). Remove the “poison” at night and heal!! All of these fields, frequencies, and energy are poison, leading and contributing to a myriad of health concerns, according to the Madrid International Scientific Declaration. Let all those good nutrients you put in your body truly gain their full effect by shielding your sleep from all of these frequencies and protecting your cells to help function at optimal capacity. 

*Stephanie Brening is a certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner and Geovital consultant. Consulting homes for EMF/RF/electric fields/Geopathic Stress. Stephanie uses whole foods and nutritional options to help a person rebalance and heal in her private practice and implements an all-encompassing health approach in her practice-examining all external factors to health and healing- including all frequencies (stressors) in an individual’s life.

GEOPATHIC STRESS-A Contributing factor often missed, WHAT IS it?

Stephanie Brening is also trained in Geopathic Stress assessor/dower and certified to sell a method developed and patented by GeoVital to actually mitigate the health stress that Geopathic stress can cause. To learn more about a true solution to  Geopathic Stress click here

**All Geopathic Stress assessments are included in a scheduled home assessment by Stephanie.

To really understand what Geopathic stress is and why it's so important to address in your home. Read this. BUT NOTE THE SOLUTIONS ARE NOT APPLICABLE it to under stand the what not the how. Please contact for Geopathic stress assessment and mitigating with Geopathic stress mats. 

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Stephanie Brening,  Nutritional Therapist Practitioner

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