Replenish -Transdermal Therapy

Why it can be better than taking a vitamin. Transdermal Therapy works by osmosis and bypasses your digestion and is absorbed through your skin into your blood making it extremely bioavailable and ready for use by your body. You may be familiar with Epsom Salt as a nice therapy for aches and pains, after a massage or to get rid of toxins. Although Epsom Salt soaks are very health-beneficial, they are not from the earth. Epsom Salt is a chemically-derived product, made by combining sulfur and magnesium compounds developed in labs. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF NATURAL SOAKS. Natural Salt from pristine areas can provide the body with natural sulfur and magnesium (compounds we most need in our stressfu

Flu Season is in full force!!! Support yourself!!

FLU PROTECTION February 1, 2018 Stephanie Brening, NTP It’s winter, and that means flu season is in full force! After winter, spring arrives and with it comes a number of pesky cold viruses! However, YOU can support and protect yourself from colds and flus (or at least make them shorter and less intense) through a nutritional approach! When we feel sick, we of course want to reach for comfort food (anything to feel better), but cookies, excess carbohydrates, and bubbly drinks can actually prolong our sickness. Cycling these powerful whole food remedies into your daily food routine will help boost your immune system and enable you to heal at a much quicker pace! See below for some great opti

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Stephanie Brening,  Nutritional Therapist Practitioner

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