My resolution “Waste Not Want Not”. . .

Winter is here and the garden no longer is producing vegetables, so most vegetables get bought from the store. So to get the most benefit from all vegetables we should eat the whole vegetable; stems and leaves, items you may have discarded to compost in the summer. Don’t waste your broccoli stems, Broccoli stems contain the same basic vitamin profile as Broccoli florets (the tops) containing: B vitamins, Vitamin K, Zinc, Folate and much much more. Okay so what do I do with Broccoli stems? If you have a juicer they make great juice, or add in’s to your regular juice. Peel them with a peeler and steam them for 10-15 minutes. If you have a zoodle maker (hand held or machine). Peel stems with a

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Stephanie Brening,  Nutritional Therapist Practitioner

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