DIY Dishwasher detergent

HEALTHY SAVINGS for Nutrition Making your own dishwasher detergent makes your wallet happy, your dishes happy, the environment happy, and your body happy especially your beneficial bacteria read below. It is non- toxic and gets your dishes sparkling. INGREDIENTS 1 cup Arm & Hammer Super Washing soda (approx. $3.70 a box)-makes approx. 6 batches ($1.62 a batch) 1/2 cup sea salt (I use Haine sea salt approx. $2.00 a jar)- makes approx. 4 batches ($0.50 cents a batch) 1/4 cup non GMO citric acid. ($8.00 5 lb. bag)-makes approx. 40 batches ($0.20 cents a batch). Directions. Combine and fill dishwasher as you would with other powder detergent and wash. Total Cost is $2.32 for a batch which gives


It's all about what you call something we make these often in our house and call their "cookies" But these cookies have healthy fats and no sugar. And you can buy silicone candy trays in cool shapes from amazon and they are even cooler than conventional cookies loaded with sugar. FAT Bombs Great to have in the freezer as grab and go. INGREDIENTS: 1 Package “lets go organic” coconut butter OR 4 Tablespoons Organic coconut butter 1 ½ TBS shredded organic coconut (unsulfured and unsweetened) “let’s go organic” 2-4TBS Ghee (Brand: Pure Indian Ghee) DIRECTIONS: melt coconut butter in a pan in the oven about 10 minutes (No Microwave) Add shredded coconut Stir in Ghee Optional add vanilla or cinnam


GHEE or Butter is A SUPPLEMENT you should include in daily diet. JUMP TO FAT BOMBS RECIPE TO SEE how to make Ghee/Coconut fat bombs aka "cookies" Months ago I found that most Ghee companies Homogenize and Pasteurize their milk before turning it into Ghee. For the health implications we go to great length to avoid homogenization and pasteurization, especially homogenization, and this process is hiding in most Ghee products you can find in the store. I contacted companies such as Fourth and Hearth and Organic Valley Ghee found in most store. Fourth and Hearth responded that they import their milk from grass fed animals in New Zealand (very far from where it is processed in California) and the

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